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Having a garage door that doesn’t work properly can be frustrating. It’s important to know when you should call for service. Some of the most common reasons are: the garage door will not open or close, there is an issue with your opener, or something was struck by the garage door and it needs repair. Winkler Door Company offers Garage Door services in Oklahoma City for all these problems!

Problem: You’re looking for a reliable garage door service in Oklahoma City, but you don’t know where to start. 

Agitate: Garage doors are an important part of your home’s security and safety, so it’s crucial that they work properly at all times. Unfortunately, most people don’t pay enough attention to their garage doors until something goes wrong. If your garage door isn’t working properly or if you need repairs done on it, call us today! We can help with any size job – big or small! 

Solution: Our technicians will repair or replace your old/broken garage door opener and provide maintenance services like lubrication and oiling hinges to keep them running smoothly for years to come. We’ll also inspect the tracks of the existing system as well as the springs (if applicable) for signs of wear-and-tear or damage; replacing parts as needed before we close up shop. With our expert knowledge and top-quality equipment available 24 hours per day, we’re here to help in any emergency. We’ll also be able to provide you with a comprehensive quote for the work that needs doing so you can budget accordingly! You can visit our website at or call us at 405)214-9100 now!

Why choose us for your garage door needs?

Why Should you Hire a Professional Garage Door Service?

Winkler Door Company provides garage doors, openers and repairs in Oklahoma City. We offer excellent service at affordable prices with no hidden fees or up-charges like many other companies do! When you need a new garage door opener we will provide the latest models to ensure that your home is equipped with technology for today’s needs. Garage Door in Oklahoma City has been serving the Oklahoma City metro for over 25 years and has been a family owned business from day one! We have built our reputation on providing top quality service at affordable prices.

We offer garage door openers, garage doors & repairs in Oklahoma City. No hidden fees or up-charges like others do! When you need a new opener we provide latest models to ensure your home is equipped with technology for today’s needs.

We have been serving Oklahoma City metro area for 25 years! We are family owned business from the beginning and have our reputation on top service at affordable prices.

Services We Offer

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We offer a wide range of garage door services in Oklahoma City. We can fix both broken springs and cables, as well as install new roll-up doors if needed. Our technicians are efficient at repairing garage doors. They use top quality equipment to diagnose the problem quickly so that you won’t be stuck with an old or damaged door for long.

Our technicians are factory-certified and have years of experience, so you can be sure that your garage door will function for a long time to come after they replace or repair it.

If you need an estimate on repairs, installation, replacement doors, new openers along with maintenance service for any make or model of garage door, give Winkler Door Company a call today.

We offers Garage Door Openers.

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We install all types of garage door openers. Our Garage Door Openers are quiet and reliable, including Belt Drive Motors with encoders that reduce the wear on the motor by feeding back information about its location so it doesn’t have to rely entirely on counting steps. You will be able to enjoy better peace and quiet at home knowing you bought a quality opener made for your garage door type.

We provide service for broken garage door springs. We can replace or repair your torsion and extension spring system in no time, with minimal downtime. Garage Door Services is the leading provider of top-notch garage door repairs like this one to keep you safe on the road!

A garage door opener installed by a professional will help increase safety at home by making it easier for your family members to get into and out of your house safely each day. Each year there are more than 30,000 injuries from automatic garage doors that were reported as being caused when people tried to exit their garages without assistance from an automated device such as a remote controlled car motor driven mechanism mounted onto a metal track overhead which gradually moves along suspended steel cables called torsion springs installed to counterbalance the garage door’s own weight.

There are many options when it comes to choosing a new Garage Door in Oklahoma City, including steel doors and custom wood garage doors designed for your home. We have access to the latest designs so you can choose one that will look great with your property!

What are the benefits of garage door services in Oklahoma City?

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Garage Door in OKC provides garage doors, garage door openers, and repairs. Not only is it important to have a working garage door but having an attractive entryway can also increase the value of your home. When you need new steel or wooden sectional type doors repaired or replaced with brand name products at very affordable prices give us a call! We are operating 24/365.

We have been in business for over 25 years and provide our customers with fantastic garage door services, fast installation time, quality products at a very affordable price! Winkler Door Company is the leading company when it comes to service and repairs of all makes of doors including but not limited to: Clopay, Amarr , Genie, LiftMaster as well as many others. We also carry an extensive inventory on new garage doors which includes both steel & wood options . With over 40 different colors available we will be sure you find one that compliments your home perfectly!! If replacement glass inserts or windows are needed we can help there too! Our team will install any size. Please give us a call today so we can schedule a time to come out and provide you with a free estimate! Winkler Door Company provides garage doors, opener installation & repair at very affordable prices.

How much does it cost to install a new garage door opener?

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The cost of a garage door opener installation is going to vary depending on what kind you choose. Winkler Door Company offers services for garage door opener installation, replacement and repair. For example, if you are looking to have a new garage door opener installed it will cost between $50-150. If you are looking to have a garage door opener repaired the cost will be between $60-150 and if you need new garage door openers installed it will cost between $100-250.

The average cost of installation for most standard two car garages is around $650-$1000 which includes labor, materials, hardware and tax. For this price range we recommend quality brands such as LiftMaster or Chamberlain. These brands offer great warranties and provide top of the line garage door openers that will stand up to Oklahoma weather.

What is the most common problem with garage doors today and how do I fix it myself?

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The most common problem today is that it won’t open or close properly. To solve this issue, check for broken parts in the mechanics of the opener and replace them if necessary.

Another common problem is that the garage door opens slowly. If this happens, check for any debris or obstructions on the track. Also lubricate all moving parts with WD 40 to help them move more easily.

A final issue may be that your remote doesn’t work anymore – if so then replace the batteries and ensure it’s pointed at your opener correctly.

How often should I oil my hinges for optimal performance?

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The frequency with which you oil your garage door hinges will depend on the climate in which you live. If it is humid, then oils are likely to break down faster than they would in a dryer environment. With that being said, most experts recommend lubricating twice per year or every six months for areas that have high humidity levels.

On average though, homeowners should be regularly lubricating their garage doors once each month so long as there isn’t anything obstructing the motion of the rollers and springs. The reason this part needs to be done more regularly if there’s an obstruction because the roller bearings can seize up when left untreated for too long, preventing them from moving properly during operation.

Oil all parts of your opener including hinges, springs, and rollers.

On average though, homeowners should be regularly lubricating their garage doors once each month so long as there isn’t anything obstructing the motion of the rollers and springs. The reason this part needs to be done more regularly if there’s an obstruction because the roller bearings can seize up when left untreated for too long, preventing them from moving properly during operation.

There are many different products on the market that work well for lubrication purposes; however if you’re looking for something with a high quality finish then look no further than WD-40 Specialist Liquid Metal Lubricant . It contains PTFE (Teflon) which gives it its smooth texture but also acts as water displacement agent meaning any moisture will simply run off the garage door without causing any damage.



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