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These garage door styles offer plenty of advantages and peace of mind.

Winkler Door can replace your garage door opener for added convenience.


See how your new garage door looks on your home before you make a purchase.

Our number one priority is complete customer satisfaction!

No other door in your home gets as much attention as the garage door. This vital component to your home’s appeal needs to work dependably day after day, stand up to the harshest weather conditions, and look good doing it for years to come.
Some of Our Residential Garage Door systems come with a LIFETIME RUST THROUGH WARRANTY. A 10-year limited warranty covers our commercial door products.

Your home deserves the absolute best when searching for the right garage door contractor. Winkler Door Company has been serving the great people of Shawnee Oklahoma for over two decades. We are a family-owned business with decades of serving Oklahoma.

Winkler Door and his crew provide the finest Residential and Commercial garage door services in Oklahoma. Our company offers quality installation and repair experience at a fair price.

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We are dedicated to delivering the highest level of service to the great people of Oklahoma. Our company strives to offer the broadest range of options for your garage door along with expert installation and repair services.

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Garage Doors

For over two decades, Winkler Door Company has gone the extra mile to make certain our customers are satisfied with our work.

Your experience starts with a Free consultation and inspection of your property. We take the measurements needed to install your garage door, along with any options or additional services you may need.  Once you have picked the garage door, which best fits your needs, we provide our final itemized quote. This number will never change unless you want to make additions or subtractions during installation. If we miss something that is on us, and we are the professionals.

Our final quote includes a start and end date you can count on. When our install crew arrives, they confirm all items from the final quote, including garage door style, mounting hardware, and any door opener if ordered. After the installation is complete and approved, our crew cleans up as though we were never there.


Openers from Winkler Door offers the ultimate in safety and convenience. It is recommended to purchase the opener along with your garage door. There are five different types of door openers, and our technician will recommend the application best suited for your home when we do our inspection. 

Winkler Door Company represents LiftMaster Openers. LiftMaster is another premier brand in our industry, and we take pride in our long relationship with the company. LiftMaster has taken the technology of garage doors to a broad new level with remotes and smartphone apps to make life easier.


Use our new application found at the Winkler Door website to see how a specific garage door will look on your home. The design-a-door application gives you several options, such as garage door width and height and the number of doors. Once these options have been chosen, you move onto a more detailed visualization.

Choose additional options such as color, hardware, and panel or a window design. After options have been decided, see how your garage door looks on some of our model homes. We provide different style homes to approximate your home’s style. If nothing matches, upload a picture from your actual residence.

The Design-A-Door tool is an excellent tool at finding your perfect garage door without spending a lot of money or time. 

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Our goal is to build strong relationships with our customers. We focus on delivering personalized service and attention with a stress-free installation or repair experience. Each of our install technicians, office personnel, managers, and owners know the customer is what is essential to our companies long-term success.


Modern garage door companies offer an enormous number of unique styles and hardware options. A few of the styles Winkler Door Company are flush panel, full view glass doors, or custom wood designs. 

Our primary supplier is Raynor. This company is one of the few premier garage door companies in the country, offering energy-saving styles that will not cost a fortune.

Modern garage doors come in many levels of quality and workmanship. If the garage door company is a quality business, has the proper number of struts, operator brackets, and is appropriately installed, our garage doors should last between 25 to 30 years.

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There are many factors to consider when you choose the right door for your home, budget, materials, finish, and quality are all critical aspects. The professionals at Winkler Door can guide you through the maze of decisions you will need to make.

Remember, when we give you the cost of installing your new garage door. It is our final price, not an estimate: no hidden fees or manufactures expenses we forgot to tell you about. The price is the price! If the installation costs more, the added expense is on us!