Commercial Garage Door Systems

Shawnee is burgeoning with new business and industrial complexes. Our commercially designed garage doors enhance your property as well as add a first line of safety. We can install and service a variety of garage doors and safety gates. Oklahoman business owners can rely on the two decades of experience you receive from Winkler Door Co.

Let us design a system specific to your property's needs. We offer a complete line of sectional, rolling, and specialty doors. A variety of operators can give your entryway a sophisticated look along with providing the ultimate in security.

Commercial door operators provide the ultimate in security access. Winkler Door Co. offers businesses a full range of options from screw types to belt-driven.

Winkler Door Co.

Explore Garage Door Options

There are different types of garage door openers available, including:

  • Trolley: This type of opener uses a trolley mechanism to move the door along a rail, allowing it to open and close smoothly.
  • Jackshaft: Unlike trolley openers, jackshaft openers are mounted on the wall beside the garage door. They use a crankshaft mechanism to lift and lower the door.
  • Hoist: Hoist openers are typically used for heavy-duty or commercial garage doors. They employ a system of chains and pulleys to lift the door vertically.
  • Latest in DC technology: This type of opener utilizes advanced DC (direct current) technology, enabling quieter and smoother operation compared to traditional AC (alternating current) openers.
  • Battery backup and myQ compatibility: Some openers come equipped with a battery backup feature, ensuring that the door can still be operated during power outages. Additionally, these openers can be connected to myQ technology, allowing remote control and monitoring via a smartphone app.

Choose From the Following Door Designs

  • Steel interior and exterior
  • Aluminum or steel sectional
  • Specialty designs


  • Commercial access control
  • Single entry
  • Light-duty rolling door applications
  • All-weather light duty
  • Heavy industrial
Winkler Door Co.
Winkler Door Co.

A Few of the Superior Operators Available for Your Commercial Door Systems

  • Light-duty operator for rolling door applications
  • Light-duty operator for sectional doors
  • Industrial duty operator for a sectional door with a high lift

We offer many more operators and systems to match your exact needs.

As an example of our commitment, all of our product packaging is made from 100% recycled products. We improve on our local shipping and routing, reducing our carbon footprint.

More About Our Door Design Options

Sectional Doors Made of Steel and Aluminum

This style offers plenty of advantages and peace of mind for the business owner. Sectional doors provide efficient insulation at a low cost. The sectional garage door is perfect for a warehouse, pole barns, and outbuildings.

Rolling Steel Doors

Rolling Steel doors are for the Pottawatomie County business that needs strength, security, and fire protection. Rolling steel doors are for applications where there is little to no backroom available. These doors are perfect for the dock and drive-through business.

Rolling Sheet Doors

Rolling sheet doors accommodate businesses with no headroom or backroom available. Businesses can choose from heavy-duty to light-duty frames. Rolling sheet doors are ideal for mini-storage, commercial docks, storage sheds, and pole barns.